Wiicam Block

A simple, Tetris-fashioned game for PC using a webcam and a wiimote as input devices. Coded in C#/XNA and C++ (OpenCV).

This game that makes use of a camera and a Wii Remote controller (wiimote) to collect user input. The player interacts with the game holding the wiimote in his or her hand, moving the wiimote in front of the camera and spinning it by twisting his or her wrist.

The goal of the game is to align blocks of the same colour falling from the top, in a tetris-like fashion. The user can change the column the blocks are falling into by moving the wiimote horizontally and can spin the blocks by rotating the wiimote. The game also has a built in camera calibration procedure and testing that allow the user to calibrate his camera using a printed check board.

The main features of the application are:

  • Input is provided via the camera (wiimote position - not by the wiimote classic tracker) and wiimote accelerometer
  • Coded in C#/XNA for the game part and C++/OpenCV for the camera input
  • Built-in camera calibration and debugging
  • All the graphic content has been created by myself