Trinity Inclusive Curriculum Online Tool

The Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (TIC) Online tool is a web application designed and developed for the Disability Service of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. The aim of the application is to help teachers and staff at the University of Dublin in evaluating the accessibility of their courses and practices. This is achieved by providing them with questionnaires to fill in that will result in a suggestion report.

In this context, accessibility of the application itself is paramount. The website is therefore compliant with the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (double A) guidelines. It has been developed and tested with third party commercial screen readers in mind.

The application has two main interface: the final user interface and the editor interface. In the editor interface authorized editors can publish and modify the questionnaires, divided in sections and question. Each section or question can be enriched by a sample video, hosted on YouTube but with an additional text transcript available in the tool in order to allow screen readers the fruition of this otherwise unreachable content (at the time of writing, YouTube lacks plain text transcript support).

The final user interface allows users to start evaluations, invite other user to complete a joint evaluation and generate reports. Evaluations and reports are available both for printing and downloading as MS World documents.

On the technical side, the application runs on the classic PHP and MySQL platform, using the CodeIgniter and jQuery frameworks. The application is validated in both XHTML and CSS.